Early Career Language Teacher Hangout

CCFLT’s monthly Google Hangout is an interview that’s all about supporting early career language teachers.



This month, we were joined by Michael Miller. Michael shared some great tips on relationship building (shaking hands with every kid as they come in the door) and adopting and attitude of excellence (“good is the enemy of great”). On classroom management, he had book recommendations for both teachers who are struggling with being too strict and those whose friendliness with kids is challenging their ability to teach.

As a German teacher who has tripled his program size, he shared tips on building a program in lesser taught languages and the importance of teaching in the target language (his Level I 8th graders are in the 64th percentile on the 10th grade National German exam!).

This interview is part of a monthly series offered on the second Monday of the Month by CCFLT. Find us on Facebook to keep up with information about this recurring Hangout as well as other news, events and resources being shared in the language teaching community.