Going beyond the chorus…

Verses Education, LLC is dedicated to its mission of accelerating powerful, transformative teaching and learning. Respecting people and honoring their time are the Core Values. Doing exceptional work for clients and improving the world are the imperatives.

We live an work in an age dominated by buzz words and catch phrases. Personalized Learning. Innovation. Grit. It’s stuff that’s sexy to mention and sounds good to repeat. Like the chorus to a Top 40 Pop song, the buzz words are catchy, easily committed to memory and fun to sing along with. But like a chorus, they lack depth. The depth is in the Verses.

The Verses are where the stories get told. The Verses are where the struggles are detailed and the vulnerabilities are laid bare. Whereas the chorus powerfully conveys the feelings, the Verses engage with the meaning.

There is nothing wrong with singing along with the chorus. To only sing along with the chorus however, is choosing to be a backup singer. Verses Education is dedicated to taking the lead and going beyond the chorus.

Founder Noah Geisel

senorg picVerses Education was founded by Noah Geisel in 2014 with a vision of powerfully impacting teaching and learning. Noah began his teaching career in 2001 and has worked as an English Teacher, Technology Teacher, EdTech Coach, Blended Learning Coach and Spanish Teacher.  In 2013, he was honored to represent the profession as the ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year. A constant on twitter (@SenorG), he was a staff writer for the popular education blog TeachPaperless.com and is a co-founder of  , a weekly twitter chat about Digital Badges.

Noah’s motto is: “Take risks, Dream Big!”