Using video games to communicate information: Interview with Eric Church of the Woodrow Wilson Center at #GLS11

I had the chance to sit down with the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Eric Church for a quick interview I broadcast on Periscope.

Eric is interested in the ways that we might utilize video games in order to engage audiences and communicate information. While tools like infographics are quite popular right now, he says the Wilson Center envisions video games entering this space in ways that are more interactive.

This strikes me as a profound rethink of the way we, as consumers, acquire information. Whether through traditional textbooks, newspaper articles, television news or even the hip new infographics, we are talking about a process of direct flow of information. Through gaming, this process could become an alternating current of information.

There is so much potential here. Imagine, for example, reading about Congressional debate over the recent free-trade agreement legislation in the New York Times. In addition to providing reporting, photographs and perhaps video, the newspaper could also provide a link to a simple 5 minute video game that objectively communicates the important facts about the debate in a way that engages readers.

You can view the interview here.

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