Suggested activity for all vacationing teachers to take advantage of THIS upcoming Monday (and Friday)



I find a lot of my best inspiration for education when immersing myself in environments outside of education. When I’m thinking about preparing young people to be successful in the work environments of the future, I take field trips to cutting edge work spaces that are leading the way to our future. When I’m thinking about preparing young people to successfully collaborate with the innovative thought leaders of tomorrow, I go to where these minds gather today. One such place that probably exists in your own back yard isCreative Mornings.

Creative Mornings happens in 117 cities on the 2nd Friday of every month. While locations and speakers vary, there is a single theme shared around the globe at each site. This month’s theme is Revolution. Registration always goes live at 8am on that Monday (4 days prior to the event). It’s free, includes coffee and a pastry and gets you in a room from which you leave a more inspired person 2 hours later.

There are at least ten quizillion things that are awesome about being a teacher. Having a schedule that makes it impossible to attend Creative Mornings is not one of them. Depending on when in August you go back to school, this might be your last only chance of 2015.

So, do yourself a favor and pop over to their website and create a profile. Set a calendar reminder for Monday morning at 7:59am to login and register for next Friday’s Creative Mornings lecture. Go there on Friday morning feeling friendly and ready to walk up to strangers and say, “Hi.” You will meet some amazing creatives in your community and surely come up with great ideas for classroom connections.

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