Notes from the #Hwy21 Keynote

The Hwy21 Conference kicked off with a unconventional keynote done with 7 panelists addressing innovation and the local landscape in education. These are quotes and paraphrased comments that resonated with me.

“When we talk about EdReform we talk about students globally…need to talk about ss with names bc they have stories. THEY are waiting for us to innovate for THEM.”

I believe it is vital for leaders to practice what we preach, model hands-on, differentiated PD. We expect it for students, we should expect it for teachers

Innovation comes from unhealthy systems. Healthy systems adapt..unhealthy systems have innovation hoisted upon them. We have to ask ourselves if we must innovate or whether we can adapt.

It’s the kids acting differently about learning that makes (colleagues] want to maketheir kids act like that. — in response to question about environments with resistance to edtech and innovation

There needs to be a sense of kindness and grace. Allow it to ourselves and extend to others. We will fail and when we have kindness and grace it leads to resilence to do better next time.

Money is nice but not the barrier to doing something nice and innovative in your own classroom. Do it yourself. Do it cheap. Do it dirty. [Mentioned “eduPunk”]

I was surprised that the only one burdened by my innovating was me.

Take time to recognize and value the Beautiful Oops.

My students don’t need my help with the what and probably not the how. They need me to help them reflect.

It wasn’t until I started connecting with folks outside my school that I realized the possibilities that are out there. I love my school and we are a great school but seeing what others do really helped me expand and innovate.

Break the bubble. Get into other classrooms and you will grow as a result.

Innovation = Mario Brothers. Get to the flag and move to level 2. You’re moving along but there’s always more.

When genius is unleashed and alumni come back and say ‘I can breathe here,’ that is success for me.

Every kid matters. Kids being proud of their learning and watching them change things is a huge measurement of success.

Panelists were Kelly Tenkely, Kevin Croghan, Nate Ubowski, Chris Moore, Glenn Moses, Liz Walof and Kiffany Lychock

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